Toasted Cheese Sandwich Meets Pizza…Melty Muffins with video

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English muffin spread with cashew cheese and veggies baked until crispA long time ago I uploaded a bunch of videos to YouTube from some of our 3ABN shows and just realized I neglected to tell you all about them. Over the next few weeks I will post them up here with the recipe.

I am going to start with the Melty Muffins because they would be perfect for getting together with friends. Everyone loves them and they are easy to make, you can make everything several days ahead of time and just bake them when you want to serve them. I have already posted the recipe here. Now you can watch us make them!

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chicken and rice

One Pot “Chicken” and Rice PLUS Gifts From The Kitchen

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I like to give gifts. I like to make other people happy. I like to show people I appreciate what they do for me. I like to meet my neighbors. But I don’t like to shop and don’t really have … Continue reading

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sweet and salty-2

Better Than Pumpkin Pie

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While it is still pumpkin season I thought I would share this variation on the Best Pumpkin Pie Ever that I posted a few years ago. At Supper Club we did a test of Vegan Pumpkin Pies. I made 4 … Continue reading

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