Kid Cereal…Cookies and Healthy Grown-up Cereal

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imageI just read an article on sugar in kids’ breakfast cereals here on ABC News.  In the article it compared the sugar content of kids cereals to the sugar content of a serving of Chips Ahoy cookies. It turns out that the cookies had less sugar and it got me thinking…are “grown-up” breakfast cereals any better? Turns out that two of the “healthy” cereals I thought of first: Kashi Honey Almond Cereal and Great Grains—also have more sugar than the 10 grams in a serving of Chips Ahoy. However, they do have more fiber, which is good because it helps with the assimilation of sugar.
Lesson for the day…read your labels!

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After Forks Over Knives … Thanksgiving Recipes

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So you have seen the Forks Over Knives film and have decided to eat a more plant based diet.  But now, with Thanksgiving on the way you feel a little distraught what do we eat for Thanksgiving. So far we … Continue reading

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Veganizing Alton Brown’s Green Bean Casserole Recipe

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No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without Green Bean Casserole. At least where I come from…is it the same in your part of the world? With green bean casserole there is something for everybody.  Of course you have the green beans … Continue reading

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