Give Them Something Better

2nd Edition

A practical and engaging guide to preparing the very best plant-based foods in your own kitchen. You will be able to enjoy favorites like Vegetable Pot Pie, Lasagna and Veggie Fajitas and also to learn some new tastes, along with some new tastes, along the way. You’ll get all the tips and menu planning support you need to help your family make the switch to a healthier diet and stick to it!

This second edition offers more recipes and tips including slow-cooker and gluten free options for many recipes. This second edition includes all of the easy step by step recipes you loved in the first but we have added a few new ones, including a vegetarian pot roast! We also took the time to mark all of the gluten free recipes so you can find them easier. But that is not all we have also included some new slow cooker tips to help make the recipes even easier. And if that is not enough Give Them Something Better now has a beautiful kitchen friendly, hardcover with a hidden spiral binding.


Kidlicious: Fun Healthy Recipes Kids Love!

The first completely plant-based cookbook designed to get kids excited about eating healthy. Kidlicious has covers Breakfast through dessert, fun and healthy recipes to get the whole family cooking together! It’s huge lunch box section is a favorite with both moms and kids alike. With beautiful full color pictures of every recipe, easy to follow step by step instructions,engaging lessons for teaching kids to make healthy choices A way to encourage family bonding and togetherness, it is one book you will want to use over and over again.

What others are saying

Parents who serve healthful meals at home do their children an enormous favor. In particular, children who are raised with a plant-based menu gain tremendous advantages. They have a strong measure of protection against the problems that so many people encounter–obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers. Studies also suggest that children raised on plant-based diets have higher IQs than their omnivorous classmates and, on average, will live years longer. Read More…Dr. Neal Barnard
The Good Life is killing us. Chronic diseases have established a stronghold in our society representing 75% of our national health care costs. And the best modern medicine can do is to manage the symptoms of these modern killer diseases. But hope comes from Loma Linda, CA, the capital of the American Blue Zone of “long livers”? Read More…Dr. Hans Diehl
It was so fun and easy to make the change to a plant-based diet using ideas and recipes from this book. this is a must-have cookbook for anyone who wants to add plant-based meals to their family’s table.
Jan Smith – Mother of 4, Grandmother of 9
Beautiful. Delicious. Nutritious. Fresh. That’s what every meal should be, and can be with this wonderful new resource.
Vicki Griffin, M.S., Human Nutrition