Stephanie Howard

Stephanie Howard is a busy wife and mother. She grew up in a small Missouri town where meat and potatoes were at the table just about every meal. But after learning about the health principles and diet that her new church (the Seventh-day Adventist Church) advocated, she decided to Give Something Better to her family. A diet rich in whole grains and abundant in plant-based foods was a radical change from her current diet but she decided to give it a try. The change was hard but rewarding in the health and good appetites of her active children.

As the years past she grew to love cooking healthful meals for her family and began providing cooking schools in her community. Soon after that she met Sarah Frain, who had just decided to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle. They quickly became close friends because of their similar backgrounds and love for cooking. They were both surprised to learn that their newfound church and the lifestyle it promoted was featured in an article in the National Geographic Magazine and later in a New York Times best selling book, the Blue Zones, revealing that they were part of the longest living culture in America—the ONLY American Blue Zone.

They decided to share those secrets with the world in their new cookbook Give Them Something Better

It turned out that they had “stumbled upon” one of the best-kept secrets ever! They decided to share those secrets with the world in their new cookbook Give Them Something Better. Because they made the big switch from a meat and potatoes diet to a plant based diet with their growing families they have lots of tips and tricks that can help you make the change too. They are committed to helping families make the switch to a healthy whole foods plant based diet that they can stick with.

Stephanie is the cook at Emmanuel Institute, a small evangelism training school. She also organizes and cooks for a Meatless Monday Supper Club to help people in her community learn the benefits of a plant based diet and make a permanent change in their health. She has also conducted a number of cooking schools from Alabama to Michigan. In addition to this she is a frequent guest on the 3ABN Today television program.

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If you would like to learn more about Stephanie’s other passions check out her personal blog “Brilliant” where she shares her brilliant and sometimes not so brilliant ideas, as well as sharing the brilliant ideas that inspire her.